News From Author Bill Kinney

Center Mass is now available for purchase! Immerse yourself in the world of Bill Nash and family, and get ready for a wild ride. Click on the banner to the right to purchase your copy. COMING SOON: Center Mass for Kindle and Nook.

Black Knight, the sequel to Center Mass, is in the final stages of editing and re-writing and I'm shooting for a Fall 2015 release. Let's keep our fingers crossed! Check back here for updates.

I have been a Civil War buff all my life, and am hard at work on an exiting new project, The Blue Brotherhood, which is a prequel to the entire Nash Series. It is the story of Bill Nash's Civil War ancestor and the Battle of Gettysburg. This story will appeal to a much wider audience, and writing it is lots of fun. Come back here for news on its progress.

We've begun a guild for local authors over at South Jersey Publishing website and forum. Hopefully, the site offers invaluable resources to writers seeking to navigate the maze of self-publishing. We are promoting the work of new authors on our blog and on the front page, and offer a place for writers to interact in real time on our forum. Hop on over to the site and contact us if you are interested in becoming a part of the guild.

Finally, thank you to all of you who've purchased Center Mass. Your support has been a great encouragement and inspiration to me, and I hope you've enjoyed getting to know the colorful Nash Family. Stay tuned for even more adventures.

The Bill Nash Series

  • Center Mass
    A fast-paced story about how cops would like to react, were they not governed by strict rules and regulations. Nash does what Dirty Harry only wishes he could do.

  • Black Knight
    Nash was the cop that other police forces called when they didn't want to get their hands dirty. Spoken of in hushed tones by most all veteran law enforcement agents, he became what they all wanted to be!

  • The Blue Brotherhood
    Civil War Tale of William Nash I. Coming Soon!

  • Works In Progress

  • The Blue Line
    Coming Soon!

  • How I Worked My Way To the Bottom
    A realistic story of how businesses can so easily flop and the people that make it happen. A must-read for future business owners, CEOs, and the people who work for them.